Disinter Deep Down Your Damn Dream!

Note: I was writing the caption to the image below when I jotted down all these words and I am aware that this post doesn’t have to do anything with the purpose of this blog page but I hope you’ll find it useful.

You’re not meant to pursue what people want you to. You must know what is it that will give you immense joy if you do it or deep remorse if you don’t. After all, it’s gonna be you who couldn’t achieve it or you who did achieve it, so don’t let other people influence your future.

At times, I feel, people are afraid to dream big, they are afraid to take risks and are not willing to disinter their personal calling. They’re settled with the bearable suffering they’re going through because it’s hardly noticeable but trust me, the day is approaching when you’ll be resentful and it will already be late. This post hasn’t been written to discourage you, on the other hand, it is being written to help you give another perspective. The perspective of time. Time is valuable and It is inevitable.

Improvement comes from failures and failures are seen by those who try to do things beyond their capabilities, who are willing to follow their personal calling. There are going to be obstacles, defeats and moments, where you may want to step back but that’s gonna be your biggest mistake because sometimes, people quit just before they’re about to reach their goal. Hold on a little longer, you’re going to get through this and assure you about it by reading more.

The philosophy of the Wild Lake

Imagine yourself standing near a wild lake, it may have crocs in it, but across the lake, you have the most valuable thing. Most of us want to cross the lake but at the same time, we’re afraid of crocs, those who are not even willing to pass the lake are people who don’t have the impetus to achieve anything, they don’t know the value of the precious whatchamacallit across the river and never disinterred their own dream, or probably don’t have one.

However, people who are anxious to reach to the other end of the lake, They are those who know what they want in their life and they know what will make them happy, but they’re afraid that they won’t be able to get there. They’re not willing to stake their comfort as they’re worried about the obstacles they will have to encounter to get to the other side. In short, they are settled with whatsoever they have or they can easily attain.

I truly appreciate those who are passionate about their dream, so they have already plunged into the lake. They have the courage to follow their passion, however life isn’t easy and it doesn’t play fair to everyone. Failures and defeats on the way to chase our dreams make us drop it even though we are already in the lake and we end up taking some other road to comfort ourselves. I know people who keep an alternative from the beginning so they won’t lose everything. To be honest, keeping an alternative for a dream already made us sceptical about it. Moreover, by doing this, we are gonna put our energy and time at two different tasks which will hinder us to get to our goals. Think about it.

We can always make an excuse that “It’s okay, I don’t want it that bad” but that’s not true for people already in the lake. They had the courage to chase their personal calling and some obstacles and failures shouldn’t let our dreams fade away. It’s never going to be easy. If it were easy, would there be any success speech? I bet there will be one if you accomplish your goal.

Finally, “The worst situation”, people who have suffered every obstacle and failures and are few steps away from the shore but they don’t know it yet. They feel worn out of every suffering they have been through and they want to quit. They have experienced a lot and it is going to help them in their life anyway, but is quitting a right option? We should understand why people quit after trying so hard but those who never quit, they become the paragon of their field. Giving up is not an option once you have plunged into the lake of success because only those reach the shore who never quit.

Back to, Why are we afraid to dream big? We have always been told that “everything is possible” and we also read the quotes like, the word “Impossible” itself means “I M Possible” but there is a paradox that whenever you ask someone about their opinion on your creative idea, they are going to tell you “It seems hard” or “it’s not even possible” and you become sceptical about your wonderful idea. Don’t let other people judge your capabilities, just because they are not capable of doing it, it doesn’t mean you can’t either.
There’s a quote by Gandhi,
First they will ignore you
Then they will laugh at you
Then they will flight you
And then you will win.

Winning may not be easy but it is possible for people who are determined to reach their goal. Once you become the cadillac, the same people are going to follow your footsteps.

I have seen multiple times that when I tell people about my dream, they say “it’s not possible to…” or they question me on my capabilities and one of them is none other than my father. He is at the stage of laughing (remember ignore you, laugh at you… – Gandhi), but then it has to be only one person to believe in your dream – YOU.

If you believe that you can achieve it then you undoubtedly can.
You just need to dive into the lake, get through all the obstacles, fears, failures and right there, you will find your most valuable treasure. Just keep it in mind while questing and conquering your dream, success is a time taking process and it doesn’t happen overnight. You must keep working hard for it bearing all the pains because ;

“Intense, unexpected suffering passes more quickly than suffering that is apparently bearable; the latter goes on for years and, without our noticing, eats away our soul, until one day, we are no longer able to free ourselves from the bitterness and it stays with us for the rest of our lives”.

The Alchemist

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