What Happens If You Lose Your Indian Passport in Europe

A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. If this is true then my journey began a few years back when I applied for my first passport at ITO, Delhi Centre. It was quite easy and cheap to get a passport in Delhi. Yes, cheap because I paid top dollar (Top Euro IContinue reading “What Happens If You Lose Your Indian Passport in Europe”

How to Earn a Paid Vacation in France

After receiving a wonderful response to my post on How to Travel for Free in Europe, here I am writing this post on a similar yet totally different topic. This post will help people to move to France for 7 months while receiving a salary of 800 euros but you see the word EARN inContinue reading “How to Earn a Paid Vacation in France”

Six Amazing Places to Visit in France

Travelers in France are always drawn to the mainstream attractions like Nice, Avignon, and of course, Paris. However, France has a lot more to offer than just the Eiffel Tower, Le Louvre, and the beaches in Nice. While Paris deserves a must visit, many attractions in France are overshadowed by this most visited city inContinue reading “Six Amazing Places to Visit in France”

Is Travelling Without Money Possible? Here’s My Experience in Europe.

Paris, the city of dreams, romance, and luxury that would have been difficult for me to visit due to the exorbitant hotel prices. The minimum cost I could find on Airbnb for a day in Paris was 50€ (4000rs), and 30€ (2400rs) for a 8-shared dorm, which is mostly unavailable. Yet, I did visit ParisContinue reading “Is Travelling Without Money Possible? Here’s My Experience in Europe.”

The potential impacts COVID-19 will have on your travel plans?

I hope you all are well and safe. Right now is not an easy time, things are pretty messed up around the world due to Covid-19. Many countries are lifting their lockdowns, but international travel is still prohibited in all European countries as well as in many Asian countries. At this moment, the last thingContinue reading “The potential impacts COVID-19 will have on your travel plans?”

Disinter Deep Down Your Damn Dream!

Note: I was writing the caption to the image below when I jotted down all these words and I am aware that this post doesn’t have to do anything with the purpose of this blog page but I hope you’ll find it useful. You’re not meant to pursue what people want you to. You mustContinue reading “Disinter Deep Down Your Damn Dream!”

Naturism & Nudism in France

“Not all classrooms have four walls.” It is quite true and I too, have been learning a lot while travelling last year. It is then, I came across with these two new terms “Naturism” and “Nudism”. What is Naturism and Nudism? It is a way of life involving a collective practice of nudism and basedContinue reading “Naturism & Nudism in France”

Paris! A Flaw-less destination ?

Paris, From its incredible architecture to its world-renowned fashion and esteemed cuisine, yet most of the tourists have this Paris Syndrome, Have you ever heard of it?