I am Shubham Mishra and I am passionate about travelling the world, meeting new people and getting as lost as possible in nature. I am a 23 year old Delhiite who loves to explore and experience new things that a lot of people might say no to, such as Hitchhiking, Couchsurfing etc.

Dear Dreamers,

Since 2019, The Indian Supertramp offers several services for free such as travellers meet-up, free trips and recently, free language classes have been added. These services are only for young and aspiring people having financial difficulties except travellers meet-up which is open to everyone. The trips are organised twice a year (June & December) and the meet-up will be organised once a month after the pandemic is over. This year, due to Covid-19, the trip will take place in December 2020, only if it is safe to travel.

I started to travel in 2017 when I was 19. I always had a dream to travel as much as I could but it was super hard for me because of my financial status. I started my first job after school when I was 17. It was for 5000 rupees a month (65$ a month). Today, I am earning much better and I am at a place where I can support some people with the same goal as mine. I understand how hard it is to have a dream, but not be able to realize it because we lack resources. I have been through a lot and my struggle will never over but it has become a little easier now.

I started “Travellers Together” in 2019 to help unknown travellers in a same city, meet and share their travel experiences and stories. Later, in November 2019, I came up with “Explore Together” as well.

I have had many challenges in my life and I was also helped by other people. Like, I received five scholarships (merit based though) to study French language at a prestigious institute that I couldn’t afford. I also got an international scholarship from a French university. Moreover, I had great help during my voyage in Europe. I barely spent any money on my trip in six European countries. Accommodation and food was mostly offered by my hosts, I only used to spend for buses and sometimes for other cultural experiences such as having Belgian fries in Brussels (Check out my blog on How to Travel for Free in Europe). All these experiences made me a better person. I became more kind than ever and that is the reason I would like to give some young dreamers an opportunity to start their journey and help them write their own Maktub.

Travellers Together

Travellers Together is a small initiative that I took for fellow travellers to connect and share their travel stories and exchange their experiences in different countries. It took place twice in 2019.

Explore Together

Explore Together is a recent initiative and only one person has benefited from it so far. The girl spent four days in Delhi and visited Agra, ALL EXPENSES PAID. I took care of everything from airport to airport. We visited almost every tourist destination in Delhi and the famous Taj Mahal and Agra Fort in Agra. Last year, it was a foreign national but from 2020 onwards, it will always be an Indian.

This is what Explore Together is about. You’re not going to travel alone but with me on my expenses.

To register for free trips, CLICK HERE

Language Classes

This is a new help that I started during the Covid-19 lockdown. I am a language professional who has acquired a degree in literature as well as C1 in IELTS and C1 DUEF (French Diploma) from France. This service is reserved for young learners (under 23) and is completely free. The sessions will take place online by zoom application once or twice a week for English and French language.

I already have one aspiring student while writing this. I am certain that with time, more people will join. This help will only given to young people having hard time paying for expensive language classes.

To register for Free Language Classes, follow the link at the end of the page.

I went to a meet-up last Thursday. I was aware of this meet-up through the couchsurfing website, thanks to a co-worker. So basically, it was organized by a local traveler @shubham_supertramp, and his message stated that we should all meet up and exchange about our traveling experiences. Needless to say I was scared shitless. These is so much bad media about India, especially in the big cities, such as Delhi. Things like “city with the highest amount of rape victims” are things that kept popping in my mind.

I decided to go for it as I had been feeling so lonely the past ten days, spending my nights crying in bed. I arrived , I was the only foreigner… “Shit what am I doing here?” was my first thought. But everyone was SO WELCOMING. I couldn’t believe it. “Can people actually be this nice?” Everyone was meeting for the first time, but it started pouring – and the solidarity was so powerfully felt. I got so much support, advice and got to take a rickshaw, the metro and walk home, all in the same night ( which is pretty intense for a newcomer in such a city). But these people managed to turn it into a wonderful experience. It has been uphill ever since, and I’ve already created such wonderful memories with some of these people.

Jump. Take risks. There’s always a “worst case scenario”… but it almost NEVER happens.

Stephanie Kamii, Canada

Hi, This is Aline. I asked Shubham for a one day free stay at his apartment in Rennes, France through an online portal. He accepted my request and welcomed me at his place where he was living with his three female friends. They were all super awesome and welcoming. They cooked Indian food for me and helped me explore the city.

I loved them so much that I decided to visit India and luckily Shubham was in India too. He took care of everything. He came to pick me up at the airport, we went to Taj Mahal together and many places in Delhi. I was staying at his place for free accommodation and food. I did not even spend money on commute because he used to take me to places in his car. He is an awesome guy friend who helped me discover a whole new country. He even dropped me back to airport. It was an amazing experience that I will cherish forever. Thank you Sweetie…

Aline Guen, France

Registration open for Free Language Classes

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