I with my Backpack

Greetings everyone , Follow my vacation on this post. I will be making updates every now and then. I have a planned trip until Bordeaux and after Bordeaux I don’t know my destination yet. It might be Toulouse or Pau or let’s discover.

Paris! A Flaw-less destination ?

Paris, From its incredible architecture to its world-renowned fashion and esteemed cuisine, yet most of the tourists have this Paris Syndrome, Have you ever heard of it?

Is Hitchhiking in Europe Safe??

Did I tell you about the time when I was backpacking across Western Europe and I was in Brussels, Hitchhiking all the way to Luxembourg. Why would someone Hitchhike when one can just buy a 10 Euro flixbus from Belgium to Luxembourg? We are all living our own adventures and this is what life isContinue reading “Is Hitchhiking in Europe Safe??”